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Jasper, Sam, and Lou Graduated

Three very brilliant students graduated from our group recently!

First, on July 8th Jasper van den Hoogen defended his MSc thesis titled Brillouin dynamic gratings in a silicon nitride waveguide, under the supervision of Roel and Steven.

On July 11th, Sam Rappange defended his BSc thesis titled Programmable double injection coupled ring resonators for microwave photonic signal processing under the supervision of Okky.

Finally, on July 12th Lou Kanger defended his MSc thesis titled Generation of Kerr frequency combs for microwave photonics under the supervision of Yvan and Okky.

After the defenses, all three students received presents for their great work. The whole group also had lunch together to celebrate graduations and the coming of summer holidays.

Roland Graduated

On August 6th, Roland Adelerhof defended his MSc thesis titled Numerical Investigation of Surface Acoustic Waves in a Silica Ridge Waveguide for Optical Modulation under the supervision of Radius.

Roland presented in a  hybrid in-person and online defense. After the defense he received a present from the whole group.  Congrats Roland!