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ERC Consolidator grant for David Marpaung

David received the ERC Consolidator grant for the project TRIFFIC. He  will develop an new class of 3D photonic integrated circuit for actuating stimulated Brillouin scattering in silicon nitride. With this entirely novel circuit, he will show for the first time that interactions between light and sound can also be programmed, just like for electronic circuits. 

David will receive 2.55 million euros for his project, the largest Consolidator Grant so far in Twente, and third-largest ever in The Netherlands.

This news also appears at the University of Twente website.

3D artistic illustration of the TRIFFIC project.
The whole group celebrates this good news with cakes.

New funded project from ARC

Our group, as a partner for the RMIT University in Australia, recently get the Discovery project 2022 funded by Australian Research Council (ARC).

This project will focus on developing new microwave photonic systems based on acousto-electric phonon-amplified SBS.  The official announcement of this project at the ARC website can be found in this  link.

A farewell to Gaojian

On November 10th, Gaojian finished his two-year guesting Ph.D. in our group and returned to China. From 2019 to 2021, he conducted many important microwave photonics experiments with this fancy setup and published two journal articles (JLT 2021 and OE 2020). Good luck, Gaojian! You will always be welcomed here!

Four oral presentations at MWP 2021

We are excited that four papers in our group have been accepted for oral presentations at MWP 2021, Italy. They are:

Congratulations all!

Optical spectrum and transmission of the Vernier filter (Yvan)
Experiments setup (Okky)
Operating principles of the notch filter and linearization (Gaojian)
Optical and acoustic profiles of the ADS and SDS waveguides (Roel)

Roland Graduated

On August 6th, Roland Adelerhof defended his MSc thesis titled Numerical Investigation of Surface Acoustic Waves in a Silica Ridge Waveguide for Optical Modulation under the supervision of Radius.

Roland presented in a  hybrid in-person and online defense. After the defense he received a present from the whole group.  Congrats Roland!