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Four oral presentations at MWP 2021

We are excited that four papers in our group have been accepted for oral presentations at MWP 2021, Italy. They are:

Congratulations all!

Optical spectrum and transmission of the Vernier filter (Yvan)
Experiments setup (Okky)
Operating principles of the notch filter and linearization (Gaojian)
Optical and acoustic profiles of the ADS and SDS waveguides (Roel)

David has been awarded the NWO START-UP grant 

David has been awarded the START-UP grant of 800,000 Euros by the science division of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The START-UP programme is intended for newly appointed faculties working in the field of physics and chemistry.

The 4-year project will focus on new ways of controlling gigahertz phonons using integrated photonics. There will be several open PhD and postdoc positions in this project, so if you’re interested please contact David.

The official announcement of the grant in at the NWO website can be found in this  link.