New Publication in Nature Communications

We are excited to announce that our new paper  Ultrahigh Dynamic Range and Low Noise Figure Programmable Integrated Microwave Photonic Filter has been published in Nature Communications.

Artistic impression of an ultra-high dynamic range programmable integrated MWP circuit.

In this work, we demonstrate reconfigurable filter functions with record-low noise figure and a RF notch filter with ultra-high dynamic range. We achieve this unique feature using versatile complex spectrum tailoring enabled by an all integrated modulation transformer and a double injection ring resonator as a multi-function optical filtering component. Our work breaks the conventional and fragmented approach of integration, functionality and performance that currently prevents the adoption of integrated MWP systems in real applications.

This publication is another achievement for the group in a fruitful 2022. Congrats Okky, Gaojian and the team for all the heroic efforts!

This post also appears at the front page of the University of Twente.