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A nice write up  highlighting the our recent paper in APL Photonics appeared on the University of Twente website. The article can be found here. This article was also picked up by Phys.Org.


Phys_org article


A nice news item highlighting the NWO START UP  grant outcome appearing on the University of Twente website can be found here.

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Views on our Nature Photonics review paper on the University of Twente website can be found here.

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Recording of the OSA Webinar on Nonlinear Integrated Microwave Photonics can be found here. The slides can be downloaded here.

Webinar announcement David Marpaung

Ben Eggleton and David Marpaung gave a talk at the AIM Photonics Spring Meeting 2018 titled, “RF Photonic Filter with Record Low Noise and 116 dB Dynamic Range.”


Three UT scientists receive Vidi grants of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO): Alexander van Deursen, Saskia Nagel and David Marpaung.

Photonics Breakthrough paving the way for improved wireless communication systems


Breakthrough result in the area of optical communications which will dramatically improve internet capacity