New publication in APL Photonics

12 March 2021

Fig. 1 Silicon Chip in APL

We have a new publication in APL Photonics titled Versatile silicon microwave photonic spectral shaper. This was a collaborative work between our group, The University of Sydney, and Ghent University. The article has been selected as Editor’s pick, and can be found here.

There’s a nice news item on this article appearing at the University of Twente website and PhysOrg.

New publications in Journal of Lightwave Technology, OPtics Express, and Optics Letters

20 February 2021


We have been ramping up in our research activities on integrated microwave photonics spectral shaping. We have three new papers appearing in Journal of Lightwave Technology (JLT), Optics Express, and Optics Letters.

In JLT paper we present an invited tutorial on the new concept of Integrated Microwave Photonic Spectral Shaping. The article can be found here.

In the Optics Express paper, Gaojian demonstrated that line-by-line spectral shaping using ring resonators can be used to linearize the transfer function of a microwave photonic link. The paper is titled  Linearized Phase Modulated Microwave Photonic Link based on Integrated Ring Resonators and the article can be found here.

Finally, in the Optics Letters article, Okky demonstrated a Microwave Photonic Notch Filter with Integrated Modulation Transformation and Optical Carrier Suppression all integrated in  a silicon nitride circuit. The paper can be found here.

Thomas, Pieter, and Max graduated

20 February 2021


We recently have three very successful student graduations!

First, on January 28th Thomas Zeinstra defended his BSc thesis titled Programmable Microring Resonator with Double Injection in Silicon Nitride, under the supervision of Okky.

On February 1st, Pieter van Essen defended his BSc thesis titled Stimulated Brillouin Scattering in Silicon Nitride using a Racetrack Resonator under the supervision of Yvan.

Finally, on February 12th Max Kiewit defended his MSc thesis titled Integrated Brillouin Lasing in Cascaded Double Ring Resonators under the supervision of Roel.

After the online defense all three students received presents from the whole group. Don’t finish them in one go guys! 🙂

End of year

30 December 2020

Screenshot 2020-12-23 at 16.18.18

Our group had our online end of year celebration! Let’s hope for the best for 2021!

how we’ve grown

13 September 2020


Exactly two years ago to the day, our group had our very first operational experimental testbed (see News from Sept. 14th, 2018 below). At that time our group consisted of only two people (David, and Okky as an intern). Now we are 13-people strong  with 7 operational testbeds. O how we’ve grown!

Setup 1


Xin graduates

28 August 2020


After a grueling online defense, Xin Guo has successfully defended his Master thesis titled “Universal Microwave Photonic Modulation Transformer”. After the defense, Okky (his daily supervisor) presented Xin with a gift from the group. Next stop for Xin: a PhD in the prestigious  Photonics Research Group at Ghent University. Good luck Xin!

New publication in OSA Continuum

06 August 2020


We managed to break the egg and have the very first journal paper from the Nonlinear Nanophotonics group! Okky’s work on a programmable RF photonic bandpass filter in a silicon nitride circuit came out in OSA Continuum ! The article can be found here.

Invited Talk at Advanced Photonics Congress 2020 

15 July 2020


On July 15th David gave his invited talk at the OSA Advanced Photonics Congress 2020. He was discussing new approaches for Integrated Microwave Photonic Spectral shaping.  The video can played by clicking the picture above or by clicking here.

Bjorn graduates

09 July 2020


Bjorn Jongebloed has successfully defended his Bachelor thesis titled “Characterisation of Linearity and Noise in Fiber-based Brillouin Amplifiers”. After the defense, Bjorn was  presented a gift of a selection of craft beers from the group. Congrats Bjorn!

New publication in advances in optics and photonics (AOP)

04 June 2020


We have a new paper coming out in OSA Advances in Optics and Photonics in collaboration with the Eggleton group at Sydney University and the Choudhary UFO-Chip group at IIT Delhi. The paper reviews recent advanced in Integrated Microwave Photonic Filters ! The article can be found here.

Guest talk Maurizio Burla (ETH Zurich)

20 May 2020

Screenshot 2020-05-20 15.35.59

Today in our weekly group meeting we have a guest talk from Dr. Maurizio Burla (ETH Zurich) speaking about photonic simulation and chip layouting. Thank you Maurizio for kindly sharing with us!

science from home

25 March 2020

Screenshot 2020-03-23 15.11.35

As nearly everyone in the world, our ways of working are altered due to Covid-19. These days Zoom meetings replace face-to-face meetings. Nevertheless we are still happy and motivated!

OFC 2020 Tutorial video

13 March 2020


On March 12th David recorded a video for his invited tutorial on Integrated Microwave Photonics at the OFC 2020 conference. The video can played/downloaded by clicking the picture above or by clicking here.


12 March 2020

PPIE Ide 1 (2)

On March 7th David and Okky reached out to the Indonesian students in Enschede through the event “IDEx, Inspirations from Enschede” organized by the Indonesia student association in Enschede (PPI Enschede).

Happy holidays!

22 December 2019


Happy holidays from the LPNO group! It’s been an exciting year with ups and downs, but more importantly,  a lot of growth! Let’s come back stronger and fresher in 2020!

Photo credit: Okky Daulay.

New member: Radius suryadharma

16 December 2019


Radius joins us from the Rockstuhl group at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (as evident from his shirt), as a postdoctoral researcher. He will be working on the exciting field of nonlinear phononics. Welcome Radius!

New member: Gaojian Liu

24 October 2019


This week Gaojian Liu joins us as a CSC visiting PhD student from China Academy of Space Technology in Xi’an. Gaojian will stay with us for 1.5 years and will be working on the topic of Programmable Integrated Photonics. Welcome Gaojian!

Postdeadline paper at ACP 2019

19 October 2019


Xin’s work on the Silicon Photonic Modulation Transformer has bee accepted as a postdeadline presentation at the Asia Photonics and Communications Conference (ACP 2019)! The work is a collaboration between our group and The Eggleton Group at University of Sydney, The Photonics Research group at Ghent University, and Microsoft Quantum University of Sydney.

David gave a guest lecture For IIT delhi students

18 October 2019

IITD Lecture

On October 16th David gave a Skype guest lecture on Optical Beamforming to students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. This was a part of the Microwave Photonics course given by Prof. Amol Choudhary.

Xin’s internship in sydney

18 October 2019


Xin is wrapping up his 6-month internship at the University of Sydney. He gave his final group talk about his project on silicon-photonic modulation transformer on Friday October 18th.

New paper in Optics Express

17 October 2019


Okky and David co-authored a new paper with the Eggleton group at the University of Sydney about a high link gain Rf photonic bandpass filter in a silicon nitride circuit. The paper can be downloaded (open access) from this link.

New paper in Journal of optics 

20 May 2019


Check out the Roadmap on All-optical processing published in the Journal of Optics, includes a chapter on “Integrated Microwave Photonic Signal Processing” from our group! The paper can be downloaded (open access) from this link.

New vacancies  

3 May 2019

We have new openings for 1 PhD and 1 postdoc positions in the project “On-chip Photonic Control of Gigahertz Phonons”. Details of the vacancies can be found here.

David has been awarded the NWO START-UP grant  

7 February 2019

Screenshot 2019-02-07 10.14.07

David has been awarded the START-UP grant of 800,000 Euros by the science division of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The START-UP programme is intended for newly appointed faculties working in the field of physics and chemistry.

The 4-year project will focus on new ways of controlling gigahertz phonons using integrated photonics. There will be several open PhD and postdoc positions in this project, so if you’re interested please contact David.

The official announcement of the grant in at the NWO website can be found in this  link.

New review paper on Nature Photonics: Integrated Microwave Photonics  

22 January 2019

nature photonics integrated mwp

Our new paper “Integrated Microwave Photonics” just appeared in Nature Photonics (link). In this work we collaborated with the groups of Prof. Jianping Yao in the University of Ottawa and Prof. Jose Capmany in UPV Valencia.

The paper is also highlighted at the English front page of the University of Twente (link)

New paper on Arxiv: New Opportunities for Integrated Microwave Photonics  

10 October 2018

New opportunities for integrated microwave photonics.png

Our new paper “New Opportunities for Integrated Microwave Photonics” just appeared in Arxiv (link).

Measurement setup is live

14 September 2018

Brillouin nanophotonics setup

Today the first nonlinear nanophotonic characterization setup in the group is live!

OSA Webinar October 4th, 2018

05 September 2018

David will present an OSA Webinar featuring a discussion on “Nonlinear Integrated Microwave Photonics”.

The webinar is scheduled for Thursday October 4th from 10:30 am (EDT)/16:30 (CEST).

In this webinar David will discuss how on-chip nonlinear optical processes can be harnessed for enhanced microwave photonic signal processing. The discussion will introduce basic concepts and requirements of microwave photonic systems and define the range of physical problems that can be addressed with nonlinear optics.

To register (free) and get more information follow this link

New MSc and BSc assignments

26 August 2018

We have a number of exciting MSc and BSc assignments in the areas of integrated microwave photonics, nonlinear photonics, and on-chip stimulated Brillouin scattering. For more details see here.

Available PhD position

6 August 2018

We are looking for an excellent candidate for a PhD project on the topic of nonlinear integrated phononic-photonic signal processing in low-loss silicon nitride. For more details see here.


28 June 2018

David has been officially promoted to the role of associate professor with tenure.

30 May 2017

David has been awarded the prestigious NWO Vidi grant  


David has been awarded the Vidi grant of 800,000 Euros by the applied and engineering science division of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).

The 5-year project will focus on developing novel signal processing circuits based on coherent light and sound interactions. The official announcement of the grant in at the NWO website can be found in this  link.